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Do You Subscribe to Censorship?

Do You Subscribe to Censorship?

Perhaps my biggest gripe with most social media is the censorship. I've had countless posts censored on Facebook and Twitter, right up to this morning (June 26th, 2016). I've gotten to the point of not even bothering to refute the claims. I'm using my time and energy to build my own platform(s) and create exclusive content just for that.

Besides, such a small percentage of the people who follow my pages actually see my posts anyway.  Whether you're promoting diversity, femininity, individuality, tolerance, building a brand, raising awareness, or running a Non-Profit Organization - the cost of outreach and the arbitrary censorship makes me question if it's even worth it.

The upside is, the women in this article (Five Times Instagram Censored Women) were able to use the press and social media to raise awareness around Instagram's censorship issues, but even that costs money.

What once made the Internet unique was the ease at which we could genuinely engage others. But how 'genuine' is the engagement if one is expected to pay for it? Even with 312k Facebook followers, I rarely reach more than 800 people with any given post. My email list remains the most effective method of outreach to this day. Possibly because people who join my mailing list are genuinely interested in what I am up to.

If you'd like to see more of my posts on Facebook, you can go to my Facebook page, click "FOLLOWING" and then select "SEE FIRST."  However, the best way to keep up is to join my mailing list.