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My Detox Begins

My Detox Begins

"I consider my health the foundation of my empire."

I'm currently at a remote Health Institute. I first came here in 1996 when I couldn't use either of my shoulders due to inflammation. Within a week I was healed and haven't had that problem since. During my first visit I also eliminated a tapeworm that was close to two feet long.

As many of my SnapChat followers (Snapatas) know, I've drank lots of tequila over the last few years, my diet has gotten a bit off course and my sleep patterns have become quite poor. I'm not as sharp, fit and present as I used to be.  So, a good deep cleaning is in order. Hoping to reclaim a few years at the Health Institute, or as my friends call it, "Colonic Camp." ???

Here (Health Institute) we eat raw veggies, drink rejuvelac and wheatgrass. We get an option of one, two or three week stays. We spend three days of the first week on a juice fast. 

I pretty much eat protein and vegetables on most days and as a result I don't have to suffer through as many withdrawals.  

I'm just trying to get as much wheatgrass down as possible. That shit heals and helps clean the blood. The colonics help your body eliminate the toxins stirred up by the cleanse. Without the colonics, our bodies would re-absorb a good percentage of the impurities we are trying to eliminate.

When this is over, I'll do a liver flush, followed by a chlorella cleanse (I created that one). The chlorella cleanse mobilizes metals that may be trapped in the system. It is one of the most beneficial things I've ever done for myself. I take two tablespoons of chlorella, three times per day for five days straight. Must do with colonics or enemas.

I recommend colonics because chlorella helps draw out metals from the organs, muscle tissue and bone marrow. But when taken in high doses, chlorella draws out in such high volume, the body can't eliminate fast enough - so we end up drawing the metals back into our bloodstream via the large intestine. This is why colonics or enemas are a must when doing these cleanses.

The chlorella cleanse has changed my life and energy level by about 65%. I was so energized after that cleanse, I didn't sleep for two days. I called the doctor to tell her what happened and she informed me that by consuming so much chlorella, I'd relieved my liver of an extreme metal burden.

After speaking with her I visited two metal specialists who conducted a series of blood tests. Both doctors concluded I had record setting levels of metal poisoning. When I shared this with my mother, she told me my father used to feed me mercury as a baby. He thought it would make me immune to sickness. That was clearly some backwards, country shit. But, I also had a mouth full of amalgam fillings.

Having it all removed was a process that took years, but I've gotten it done. The goal now is to relieve my body of all metals and as much toxicity as humanly possible. When my body is clean, my mind is sharper, my energy levels are heightened, my skin becomes clear, my reproductive organs work better (yes, better boners), my sleep is better and my desire to eat and drink garbage reduces by about 85%.

Why am I telling you this? Because there are so many chemicals in the food we eat and feed our children. So many toxins in the things we were told were healthy for us. Remember, "Milk does the body good?" Could anything be further from the truth?

For ages, corporations have paid doctors to endorse products that have been tested and proven detrimental to human health. Monsanto was a former employer for many of the FDA board members as well as it's head of quality control. Here's a short clip of how Donald Rumsfeld helped  aspartame become legal

It is important to know that extreme taste engineering has conditioned our taste buds and bodies to craving things that are counterproductive to our health.

Though banned (by a production quota) in the UK and Canada, High Fructose Corn Syrup (also known as isoglucose or glucose-fructose syrup) is the most common substitute sweetener in the USA.  

"According to two recent U.S. studies, almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup contained mercury, which was also found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the first- or second-highest labeled ingredient."

I've spent years trying to undo do the addictions (sugar, HFCS, MSG, etc.) I've grown accustomed to; especially sugar, as it is linked to so many health issues. I'm telling you from personal experience, the more you reduce your sugar intake, the more you increase your vitality. 

Cleansing, avoiding high volumes of bread, rice and pasta (which are also forms of sugar) has helped me to regain my health, heal my arthritis and maintain my high-school body weight. More importantly, it has helped me ward off disease.

I consider my health the foundation of my empire. Without health we have absolutely nothing. 


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