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Knowing What You Know Now...

Knowing What You Know Now...

  • Will you forgive that person and move on with your life, or hold on and be stuck for yet another year? ???
  • Will you finally acknowledge your weaknesses and accept that you need a team to help make your dreams a reality? ?
  • Will you continue to follow mainstream media despite the obvious trickery? 
  • Will you continue to put life on hold in hopes of making more money? ?
  • Will you make certain to finish what you start? 
  • Will you come to terms with the fact that you allowed yourself to be used by him/her, and therefor you are not a victim, but merely an accomplice?

  • Will you live vicariously through your favorite film and TV characters, or embark upon an exciting life of your own?
  • Will you commit to something or someone, and acknowledge that commitment is necessary for growth? 
  • Will you ever put down your phone, turn off your screens and take a moment to be still?
  • Will you continue to ignore the foreign ingredients in the food you eat and feed to your children? 
  • Will you help children (and immature adults) understand that fame and celebrity are not the only ways to success? 
  • Will you stop preaching and instead, lead by example? ?
  • Will you vow never to blame anyone ever again?  
  • Will you continue chasing the "American Dream" knowing it is not a healthy model of success? ALL components (monetary gain, social status, acquisition of things) are synonymous with debt. You can attain all three and still not feel a sense of fulfillment. ?? ?
  • Will you continue apologizing for your race, religion, gender, sexual preference and/or body type?

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  • Will you be open to new ideas relating to music, food, adventure, sex, work, therapy, literature, travel, politics, etc?
  • Will you put money behind your ideas, or will you settle for being the person who thought of it but did nothing to make it happen?
  • Will you point out the differences between you and other human beings (in a negative light), just to feel better about yourself? ?
  • Will you peacefully interact with one person per month - who is from a completely different walk of life?
  • In 2016, will you make an effort to cut your television viewing in half? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Will you continue to support death merchants (artists who promote murder)? 
  • Will you make more of an effort to accommodate the elderly, starting with family?
  • Will you continue to sleep with people you have no intentions of being with?
  • Will you justify your counterproductive eating habits, or will seek help in overcoming your addictions? ??????
  • Will you allow other's to set the standard for your personal happiness, or will you no longer seek acceptance from those who do not walk in your shoes?
  • Will you accept that the stupidity you find in your timeline is there because you chose to follow?