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We've been heard! Who knew?

We've been heard! Who knew?

On the first of December, I took to social media to describe in detail what I believe was CNN's calculated effort to dehumanize Freddie Gray in the public eye as his trial began.
My post was immediately picked up by urban media outlet, Shade Room Inc, at which point I discovered many more people who shared quite similar views to mine on the matter.
My commentary read as follows:

"The choice of words throughout the article is a strategy used for dehumanizing the victim (#FreddieGray) and compromising any chance at public empathy. This way, when the assailant(s) walks free, the public shares/shows little compassion, as they were led to believe the victim was deserving of his untimely death.

There are people in this world, so gullible, they take mainstream news at face value; especially #CNN. I find this ironic considering Emmy Award winning journalist, Amber Lyon and Glenn Greenwald exposed #CNN for reporting SPONSORED CONTENT (paid for by foreign governments) as factual NEWS in 2012. (click for story).

Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the same media sources we despise? I stopped watching mainstream news after my trip to #Afghanistan in 2013. That experience gave me a clear cut understanding of how mainstream news sources deliberately skew the narrative for the sake of profit.

If you were a billionaire you too could pay major news sources to conjure up a false narrative. Mainstream news is bought and told by the elite; no different from our history books and much of pop culture. #MainstreamNewsIsNotNews"
After a barrage of online protests citing the description was a form of "victim blaming," CNN removed the references to Freddie Gray's mother from their story. 

Good for CNN, but the fact remains, they've consistently done this  for too long. I stand by my decision to ban and boycott all media outlets that employ tactics which demonize victims of police brutality.  
My initial post reads as follows:

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