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$1,000 Minivan Saga

$1,000 Minivan Saga



I cannot live in Isabela, Puerto Rico without my own car. It's too rural and remote to to chance it. However, I want to find the right car. I don't want anything brand new or flashy. I want an affordable car, to load my 90 lb dog, kayaks, bicycles, golf clubs and fishing rods. I want it to be good on gas, reliable and capable of handling Puerto Rico's poor road conditions. There must also be room and comfort for my family and friends. 

It will take a while to find the ideal vehicle, but in the meantime I figured I'd buy a 1997 Chevy Venture Minivan for $1,000. It seemed more cost effective than renting and it met all of my criteria! Three days after my purchase, I found myself stranded as the van refused to run. ? Press play to see the entire story.


Date with a Superfan!

Date with a Superfan!


Had the privilege of spending the entire day with a SuperFan (Adrienne Mattox)

We had lunch, took a tour of the Sony lot, ran into George Clooney and decided to watch Mad Dogs, Episode One. 

Prior to meeting Adrienne, I made all kinds of assumptions of what the day would be like. 

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I anticipated her being stiff, nervous and socially inept. Instead, I was blessed to meet this charismatic, traveled, warmhearted young lady with a great sense of humor.

Adrienne was truly a joy. We hung out, took pics, talked about everything and finally watched Mad Dogs. Great day! Great gal!


If you'd like to go on a SuperFan, SuperDate - just text me at: (323) 553-5233.

Please use the comment section to tell me what I can do to make your fan experience better? #PurposeOverPaper


Musical Teeth

Musical Teeth
While trying out several sets of false teeth to ensure my Tijuana Jackson character came off as convincing as possible in out pitch video shoot, things went awry. 

Getting ready for my pitch video shoot and things go awry while trying to decide which set of teeth were most convincing for my Tijuana Jackson character.