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Dating Celebrities.

Dating Celebrities.

Since sharing my text number with fans, I've received well over 2,000 inquiries on my dating status. But do people truly understand what it takes to date a celebrity? It is a difficult and daunting position to be in.
People are constantly interrupting your flow because they believe getting a selfie with your famous counterpart supersedes whatever you may be doing at that time. 
In addition, people will make you the designated photographer. Most assume taking photos with fans during off time is part of every celebrity's job description. So, you being the better half, must automatically assume the role of subservient, fan pleaser as well. 

Should you refuse to take the picture for the fan, you will quickly be reduced to a stuck up bitch, and your famous boyfriend will forever be regarded an ungrateful, talentless asshole. People take real offense to actors not willing to stop whatever they are doing for a photo. If you are not careful this could easily escalate to violence. 

Why? Because, Americans take their TV time very seriously. If a fan spends 30 minutes watching a bit torrent of your famous boyfriend’s movie, that fan believes he/she is entiteled to interrupt your proposal, anniversary dinner, movie night, vacation, etc.
So you'll need to come to terms with missing many flights because of the sacrifices that “fan” made for your famous baby daddy.  Your kids, your vacation, your sick mother, your job interview, will just have to wait.
Speaking of mothers…expect strangers, friends, co-workers  and family members to pressure you for an introduction, just so they can meet, take a photo with, pitch a business idea to or hit on your famous companion. 
People will swear to the heavens they are your sweetheart’s biggest "fan" - despite never following him/her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or SnapChat.  More than 90% of them will never have attended a movie on an opening weekend. Some will know nothing about your boo other than he or she is famous. In many instances, they will not even be able to pronounce your honeys name correctly. Their only motivation will be to have a photo with a famous person (they’ve never heard of) to help embellish their social media pages; and they will go to any extreme to get that pic.
But there are perks. You’ll get preferred seating, better customer service, and encounter lots of friendly faces, at the same establishments that used to treat you poorly. It is a known fact that quality customer service, and smiles are preserved for celebrity figures only. It's ironic! When you were not dating a celebrity, common folk treated you like a nobody. But now that you are dating a celebrity, you'll be expected to treat common folk with utmost respect, regardless of how inconsiderate they may be. 
Everyone will assume you are rich, and they will ask you for money. Should you refuse, they will demand you ask your famous boyfriend/girlfriend. Say “no” and you will be accused of forgetting where you come from or losing touch with your people. You may even have to sit through a 2 hour lecture on “giving back.” 

Your friends and associates will forget that you were an independent person, who took good care of yourself before your famous romance began. They will now assume you will spend the rest of your life following your lover from job to job, hanging around movie sets and cheering him/her on. They will conclude your life, career, purpose and family are no longer of importance, and they will envy you for that assumption.

Perhaps the toughest part of dating a celebrity is schedule. Most working actors travel considerably and/or have extremely demanding schedules. An average shoot is 14-17 hours per day, quite often in a state far away from home, and jobs usually lasts 6-12 weeks. So, seeing your famous spouse (lover, baby daddy) will be extremely challenging.  But when he/she is at home, be prepared to share your quality time with bit torrent people, bootleggers, channel surfers and a few devout fans.
One last thing. Celebrities struggle to get a grasp on life outside of their celebrity bubble. Quite often they come home as the characters they play. It's your job to determine who they're being at any given moment. It will behoove you to bring real world issues to their attention, and remind them of who they are from time to time. I'm just messing with you. Date whomever you choose. We're all crazy.