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FBI Director Comey "Hard Truths: Law Enforcement and Race”

FBI Director Comey "Hard Truths: Law Enforcement and Race”

FBI Director James B. Comey called on the nation’s law enforcement personnel and the citizens they serve to participate in a frank and open conversation about the disconnect that exists in places like New York City and Ferguson, Missouri—and many communities across the country—between police agencies and many citizens, particularly in communities of color.

"The Irish had tough times, but little compares to the experience on our soil of black Americans. That experience should be part of every American’s consciousness, and law enforcement’s role in that experience—including in recent times—must be remembered. It is our cultural inheritance."

This is the beginning of a much needed discussion amongst Americans of all races, civilians and law enforcement. Though I appreciate Director Comey's speech, I believe he left a lot uncovered.

  • Racial Disparities in Sentencing. A report issued by ACLU - October 27, 2014. Found here: ACLU.gov.
  • Corruption within the judicial system, such as private correctional facilities bribing judges to incarcerate as many people as possible, including children. Read more...
  • White supremacist groups "infiltrating" law enforcement at an alarming rate. A report which was issued by the FBI in 2006. Read more...

Regardless, I believe his point about us "really seeing one another" is poignant and it has to start within our own communities. If we are expected to be seen as human, we must first treat one another as such. 

Rather than instigate violence for the sake of WorldStar views, we must diffuse the violence. Rather than promote segregation amongst our own, promote unity. Simply regaining the ability to empathize with one another is a must. Because without unity, we have absolutely no voice. 

Full transcript can be found at: FBI.gov

'Top Cop' Speaks Out on Behalf of Young Blacks?

'Top Cop' Speaks Out on Behalf of Young Blacks?

Here is a police officer who has spent decades ruining lives until the tables turned and he found himself imprisoned for a number of federal offenses. Though his sentence was not as harsh as the average civilian, he came away with a lot of useful insight. 

I urge you to watch this video. He is a man who has served on both sides of the law and helps articulate the root of the problem within our extremely bias, for profit justice system. 

"From New York's "top cop" to convicted felon, Bernie Kerik has led many lives. The man who used to specialize in locking people up now is advocating for criminal justice reform after spending time in prison."

VICE News Editor-in-Chief Jason Mojica spends a day with Bernie Kerik in his home to discuss his past, his fall from grace, and his hopes for the future.

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